"Crime Prevention UK" scam


I had a call this evening from a woman who introduced herself and said she was calling from "Crime Prevention UK". She said she was doing a survey in the KT9 area, in the light of rising crime.

I asked her whether she was cold calling, as I subscribe to Telephone Preference Service. She replied that it was OK for her to call as she was 'not selling anything'.

So I asked her who she was calling from, and she told me that they were a commercial company specialising in security products, and they were working in the area. And she claimed she wasn't trying to sell me something!

Before I rang off, I did point out that I had some knowledge of the crime figures in my area, that crime was not rising in KT9 and that, in fact, it had one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of London.

So who are "Crime Prevention UK"?

I checked Companies House. A business called Crime Prevention Services UK Ltd is listed as having been dissolved. There are several others with the words Crime Prevention in their names, and they may well all be perfectly good organisations, so I didn't investigate them all. None of the others had 'UK' in their name.

I then got googling and discovered a very similar story relating to "Crime Research UK" which was a front for SAS Fire and Security, and who clearly used fear to persuade people to buy expensive shoddy burglar alarms. Police in Huddersfield have recently warned householders about them.

Crime Research UK Ltd is in liquidation. SAS Fire and Security has changed its name to Homeguard UK Fire and Security. (I feel very sorry for Homeguard Security Systems Ltd, who are not connected with the rogue company.)

Now I can't find any trace of Crime Prevention UK, but their techniques sound remarkably similar to those of Crime Research UK, so I'm assuming it is the reincarnation following liquidation. I have reported them to Trading Standards.


Thanks for posting that, I've just had a call from the same people claiming to be doing a similar survey in the KT17 postcode.

It's a shame when people try to tar perfectly good and legitimate companies with the same brush as the likes of sas fire and security. I have had dealings with crime prevention uk myself, I had a system installed that not only protects for burglary but also fire, panic and any medical situation imaginable. The system is also monitored 24/7 so it will alert an alarm receiving centre if my alarm activates, I can also open and close my curtains and garage door and turn on lights through my system remotely and turn on/ off my system and check it's status from anywhere in the world. The company does what it says on the tin. They help to reduce and prevent crime. I live in the kt2 area and even though the crime rate is not the highest, I would rarther have a system like this and not need it than the other way round!! My advise would be if you are contacted by this company, be open minded and decide for yourself, and as for do- gooders, if you don't like their approach or what you hear just say no, and don't feel you have to warn the local community, as if they are rogue traders and get a life!!

Well, if they are so wonderful, why are they cold calling illegally? The caller told me they weren't selling anything, which was a lie.

Are you claiming that there is no connection between Crime Prevention UK and either SAS Fire and Security or Homeguard Security Systems Ltd? Crime Prevention UK is not listed at Companies House so must be a cover for another company. Is it in any way related to Crime Prevention Services UK Ltd which has been dissolved?

Hi Mary! Looks like you have picked up a troll or employee of SAS.

Thanks for helping.

Yes, I thought as much, but worth publishing so I could challenge it.

You are worrying SAS by posting in that it confirms that they are violating the enforcement notice issued to them by the ICO on 22/03/2010 for cold calling TPS registered customers.

The ICO enforcement notice stated that if they did not stop within 35 days (i.e. by the end of April 2010) the company and their directors would be committing a criminal offence. We can but hope!

Thanks for that.

By the way I don't appreciate your casual sexism on the forum. You may think it's funny, but that doesn't stop it from being hurtful.

Mary, I am a woman, jimbo13 is not and posts things like "Nice hobby for you though" and "probably annoy spammy god bless her" when referring to me.

Jimbo13 was attempting to disparage you by remarks such as

"As for this lib dem lady and her blog she is just guessing. She also did not have a presentation, has no idea what you get etc "

I stated your credentials honestly, where is the "casual sexism" in that? I will just assume that you did not read the whole thread completely and took offence where none was intended.

OK - apologies. I thought the comment about hoovering was addressed at me. I'm happy to defend you any day.

You're a more patient person than I am!

Apology accepted - its a long thread and somewhat confusing due to recent legal action that has caused the removal of many pages.

Also, a number of employees of SAS have been active in the thread and this again causes excissions as they are outed and comments removed.

Have you reported the SAS call to the TPS? You should as that will give further ammunition to ICO who can take action against them

OK, I will report them to TPS. So far I have reported them to Trading Standards and the local police team

They have moved on to Tadworth (KT20)

Message from a reader:

"They phoned again this morning about their appointment, and I managed to find out that Crime Prevention UK was allegedly based in Richmond and Manchester, but the person I spoke to wouldn't not give me a contact number. His number when I dialled 1471 was withheld."

I had a call too and am registered with telephone preference service and was looking to see how I could report this company. I am KT21 Also a withheld number though.

Tonight 11.2.11 they are offering to give free alarms to 4 lucky KT20 residents!! Wanting to make appointments with people tomorrow morning. I have also reported them. The phone number they gave me is 'not recognised'.
What a surprise!

Received a call from this charming outfit this morning. Thanks to having read your blog I knew what was coming and told them that I was registered with the TPS and would make a complaint. I've just submitted my complaint via http://www.tpsonline.org.uk.



I just had a call from these people saying I had been chosen for a free installation funded by Crime Prevention Uk.

When I asked what the system was I was told it was a wireless monitored system and then when I asked what company the equipment was on the caller was very vague.

I pressed the point and he hung up.

Another con...get a free system and pay the earth for it to be monitored.

Clearly in breach of the TPS.

Thanks for pointing out that HOMEGUARD SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD has no connection what so ever with HOMEGUARD UK FIRE & SECURITY aka SAS FIRE & SECURITY.
We get lots of calls every day from people who have been phoned by this company thinking it is us, we have had Wetherby Police, Manchester Police and Derby Police ringing us assuming that we are this company who are chasing them for cold calling and high pressure selling to elderly people. Yesterday we had the TPS (Telephone Preferance Service) onto us for cold calling people in the Preston Area (we are based in Gildersome Leeds) who are registered with the TPS after explaining who we were and the pointed them in the right direction.
It is through bloggs like this that the word will spread about who this organisation is and maybe things will be done to stop it.

They're in the SE5 area now..

They have just phoned..said they are in the SE7 area

Youse all need to calm down on the TPS crap yas aren't nout special coz ur on there list if ya still recievin calls from these companys and ur on there list then the TPS obviously isn't doin what ur payin for, I don't know who these companies are and what rubbish there tryna promote, but yas wanna make sure about fings before yas start jumpin to conclusions

Friday 25 Feb 2011: Now operating in Greenwich, London SE10. Two calls today from "Crime Prevention UK". They knew a lot about us including Names, postal address, post code, phone number, wife's name. First time insisted insisted on arranging a visit and would this evening be "convenient"? When they were told no, they wanted to get in this afternoon instead. They phoned back instead:

When asked they gave the following information:
1 Man called "Nick";
2 Private promotional group;
3 Based in Manchester;
4 Would not give their address;
5 Did not know their post code;
6 Got our details from something called "National Security Database";
7 When asked what that was, they said everyone was on it;
8 I said it did not exist, but that anyway details were never published if you have opted out of cold calls etc.
9 They then rang off.

I dialed 1471 each time, but the "caller had withheld the number" on both occasions.

I phoned BT operator both times who transferred me to the Nuisance Call Advice Line.
On the first occasion, they said it was from a foreign call centre (not true!) and not to worry.
On the second occasion the advisor recommended that I call the Nuisance Calls Bureau (UK) Tracing Dept. on 0800 411 422.
The advisor agreed to try and trace the calls but it would not be until Monday! She will ring back on Monday.
I looked up Crime Prevention UK on internet but no sign of a private organisation.
Found this "Crime Prevention UK" scam by Mary Reid on http://www.maryreid.org.uk.



They're in SE20 today - all the above comments apply. When pressed for details, the caller didn't have any information, and the number was withheld. I asked who was sponsoring this philanthropic exercise of installing free burglar alarms and she just kept trying to get me to receive a call from her manager!

I've just had a call from them, so it's SE26 area today.

Now operating out of an address in Stanmore Nth London - Central Intelligence Security Solutions (CISS) Ltd - raking in a small fortune

And now SE15 - they are doing the rounds - so very relieved to find this information thank you all - they are planning to call me back on Monday to visit - they had my address already - a bit worrying but will now know what to say - theres not such thing as a free alarm

I`ve just had a phone call and then a visit in the CW10 area. Offering wireless system for £1 with monitoring for 10 years for £5,000 Company name given as Homeguard Security I was half expecting it to be a scam so said I would need to speak to my son who was on nights. They wanted an answer before they left so I said no. They say they work in with trading standards and con not give a cost until they have assessed the property !!

Now in the BA2 area

Hi, I've just received a call from the same Crime Prevention UK 'lady'. She has now progressed to SW19. She said she wanted to take me through their Crime Prevention scheme, but when I asked her to tell me who she represented she just slammed the phone down. Charming !
Definitely a scam. Don't have anything to do with it.

Now in SW19 area! I am concerned that they get info on who has an alarm and who has their alarm monitored.WHO KNOWS! So I told them that I will have mine monitored by the company I'm with.

Now in the SW19 area! I just thought that this might also be a scam to find out who has an alarm and who has it monitored as well as selling their dodgy goods. I told them that I will get mine monitored with the reputable alarm company I am currently with. They still were persistant and told me that someone will phone me to explain why they are being so generous and give me an alarm PLUS monitoring for FREE.

They are now operating in the SW16 area. Guy by the name of Adam called and said somebody would call back to make arrangments.
When they rang back I challenged them to say what were they selling but they just hung up.
I have reported them to the local police.

And now in SW17! Again, I have been 'selected as one in four households in the area entitled to a free alarm system'. I have ignored the managers calls, but good to be able to find out it was a scam from this website, thank you so much.

Let me start by saying NOTHING IS FREE IT NEVER HAS BEEN so don't be fooled by what people offer you, that also applies to your local supermarkets that offer buy one get one free deals. Its business and all they want in the end is your money, no business in there in there right mind would sell a product or service at a loss.
As for COLD CALLING .............. Basically how it works is company's can buy chunks of information like your name, address and phone numbers for a huge fee, doesn't matter if your attached to the TPS they can still buy your details LEGALLY. If they phoned me I'd tell them to F**K OFF.
NEXT....... If you do let a sales man/woman into your house for whatever there selling don't be fooled they are not your friend they want to sell you something.....THEY WANT YOUR MONEY... So don't ever offer them a nice cup of tea. Sales men/women are basically liars, they all work on commission and there nan doesn't have anything there selling.
After saying all this it doesn't mean your being ripped off and if you stick to your guns you can get a good deal out of it. Do your homework, Don't pay a deposit and only pay when your totally happy with the product. Don't sign up for long contracts, do a couple of years at a time and don't be forced to pay all at once..
The equipment they use is very high quality and reliable especially if its made by VISONIC (Powermax).
I Have been in the security industry for over twenty years working for NACOSS (NIS) and SAIB companies and I have found these cold calling company's can provide an equally good service. IN THE END ITS YOUR CHOICE

Still operating in SW16. I received a preliminary call from "Marie" on 18 March, and got a follow-up call today, 21 March, from "Nick Brown" who told me my house was "one of four selected in the area for a special promotion". He said he had my details from the "National Security Database", which he said was a government listing. (I'm listed on the Telephone Preference Service.) He quoted what he claimed were the latest Home Office statistics of a burglary every ten seconds, and said crime was on the increase in SW16 (no source). Wanted to offer me free wireless security monitoring equipment and installation to cover fire, burglary and medical emergencies; when this was triggered a "team" would be despatched immediately. This turned out to be fire brigade, police or ambulance! All I would pay would be a "monitoring fee". When I asked how much this would be he said a visit would need to be made by a "risk assessment expert" now operating in the SW16 area.
I asked for an address and phone number for the company so that I could get back to them if I wished to take up the offer. He said this was not possible as it was a special promotion, they had offices all over the country but the special promotion would be available in SW16 only for two days. I discontinued the conversation. Am reporting to the TPS and police.

Just had a cold call from these people "Crime Prevention UK". I'm in SW15 so they're obviously moving about South West London now. This rough Mancunian guy was telling me we'd been selected for installation of a security system. He couldn't even pronounce the name of our road. I told him we'd already got one and the guy started swearing at me down the phone. Hope they get closed down and banged to rights.

Just had a call. I asked whether they are a publicly funded body or a profit making organisation and the caller hung up on me at once.

I've just had a call, in Barnes SW13, from Crime Prevention UK.
I asked "Are you a government body?" They said: "No but they know about us".
I asked: "Are you anything to do with the police?" They said: "No".
I asked "Are you a quango?" They hung up.

Thnaks to everyone for your comments and for keeping an eye on these people.

It's a good idea to pass your local information on to your neighbourhood police team. A number of teams have issued statements warning people about these callers, so do urge yours to do so if they haven't already.

Hello everyone. They are now calling people in the SW11 area. Same experience as Jane.

Crime Prevention UK is definitely calling in SW11 - I live in the Lavender Hill area. I work in direct marketing so am aware of the law around cold sales calls and the loophole that allows survey or other non-sales calls to get around the TPS rules. I am a member of TPS and this company is selling a no doubt expensive monthly monitoring service under the guise of a free "security system" which I imagine is a box and a few wires. Because this is two-stage selling and no sales product is offered until after the home security assesment visit, I can see how they are stretching the terms of ICO legislation and getting around TPS rules.

I too had the scaremongering crime figures and promise of a free security system (one of four to receive this in my area apparently). I was just heading out so ended the call. I have just had another call from a "manager" with more scary statistics, queries about my security arrangements and topline information on what the monthly fee would cover. After I told her firmly that I didn't want to pursue the conversation she said OK and rang off.

Their really basic website is http://crimepreventionuk.org which repeats the stats given on the telephone, mentions the free "risk assessments" and "free home safety security system and installation" and the wireless monitored system (the chargeable bit) but doesn't explain the system or any fees. Checking out the residential burglary figures in Wandsworth I find there is 5 per day - far from one every 37 seconds claimed by Crime Prevention UK. I worry for elderly people who are easily frightened and preyed upon by these unscrupulous companies.

Just firmly say that you are not interested when you receive a call from this company - the operators are just doing a job so there is no need to be rude to them. The best impact will come if the management of the company receive multiple complaints - call 08432 890259 (5p a minute from a BT phone) and ask to be put through to a manager. If enough people do it, they will soon report back to senior management.

Hello everyone. They are now calling people in the SW4 area. Same experience as Jane & John above.

I spoke to my local police about Crime Protection UK. They had heard of them but had no other information on the company (good or bad). The police reckoned it might be a case for Trading Standards (as the company are pitching their offer as "free" when in fact there's a "monitoring fee" attached, which they refuse to specify up front - as per Jane's experience, the guy I spoke to refused to give any estimate of this until a "risk assessment" visit had been carried out).

They are now calling in UB2, with the offer of 1 of 4 free security systems. Their website doesn't inspire any trust whatsoever. I am surprised they directed me to it.

calling in SL5 with the same 'offer' as described by earlier posts.
No surprise that we are on TPS...
Will report to BT etc but don't think much will happen!

Please call your local police about this. They are supposed to be closed down.

They called me yesterday in SL1 doing their spiel about offering systems "in the area".
Their number was witheld and I subscribe to the TPS to opt out of receiving marketing calls.

I was instantly on my guard but as soon as I said I had a full security system, they hung up while I was still talking.

Have you heard of CRIME PREVENTION UK....AKA....G1S SOLUTIONS?????
Have you had enough of there COLD CALLING, SALES TACTICS and the WAY THEY PREY ON THE ELDERLY.
Well CHRISTMAS has come early and this my GIFT to YOU ALL.
Here are the PRIVATE MOBILE numbers of the DIRECTORS of the company.

John (DIRECTOR) 07734393999
Nana or Andy (DIRECTOR) 07727173047
Phil Bonney (SALES DIRECTOR) 07592602774

If you are serious about making them think twice about cold calling in your AREA. Phone them and give them some of there own medicine. I'm sure they will welcome any suggestion on how to improve there services.

They have just called me, as above everything is supposedly free, except a monthly 'monitoring' fee. I am likewise to many above on the TPS.

I am in the BR3 area.

It's really important that you contact the local police as they have supposedly been shut down.

Given that you are in the Met area I'm going to contact the GLS members to warn them and ask for advice. It would be really helpful if you could email me with your contact details on mary *at* maryreid.org.uk so we can pass on the complaint directly.

Sorry - I meant London Assembly members

They have just called me.

I am in the SK14 area

Can I suggest you contact the local police? They are not supposed to be operating any more..

Good on you Mary!

I've always found great satisfaction by always having the number of someone like a kebab house or taxi company that has put junk mail through my letterbox handy. So when I get an unwanted call, I just say would you please call me on my other line and give them the number.

It gives me a lot of satisfaction and generally I never hear any more from the caller.

Love it!!

They are still operating as I took a call at my mothers house this afternoon.
They are working from an old list of contact details because they were asking for people who no longer
live at the address. They are hitting the FY6 area in Lancashire.

Just to clear up any confusion I can 100% vouch for Crime Prevention Services Limited based in Mold, North Wales (no 01837846). Established in 1984.
This company belongs to a family friend and is 100% legitimate

@Andy - how embarrassing for them. But I do know that it is not the only company who have suffered from having a similar name to the scam merchants.

i have received a call from these people last week and i am in the PR3 area,

they called themselves the home protection campaign, i wonder if they have changed the pitch,

i was going to have an appointment but then cancelled it as i was a bit suspicious

i spoke to someone on the phone and the same person called back within a couple of hours said they were somone else but sounded exactly the same as the person i first initially spoke to !!

how bizzar

watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you. A friend who lives near me tells me that she had a call quite recently, so they seem to have come back to my area.

I'll repeat my advice - tell your local police.

Well I've had a call today but when asked which company it was he said Group 1 based in Richmond although the beginning of the call was focussed around Crime Protection Agency and that they were calling on their behalf.

Well they are now in the congleton area, apparently I can get a free alarm! They are ringing me back in a bit but am going to tell them I'm not interested after reading all these posts! Thankyou

I'm from Congleton - had a call a moment ago (withheld number) from Crime Prevention.. (Didnt hear the full thing what she said, as she spoke far to quick)

She was phoning me back as we 'spoke' in December and I accepted a contract....

I don't know what for, but I have not accepted no contract in the slightest.

I told her this, and said I am pretty sure, that ive not even spoke to you before.

She said pretty sure isn't good enough, you will be gettin a bill in the post and if you don't pay you will be hearing from court..

She said she has a voice recorded contract that she will send out to me. .

I'm a small business, and im wondering if she has had my number from the thomson local or yell.com... etc.

What the hell
Its quite worrying. Does anyone know what to do?


Report it to the Police. That is fraud

I'm in London E11. Just had such a call from a guy with a Manchester accent. When I queried why he had withheld his number he cut off.

They are still going HP15 got a call this morning!!!

Also in HP10 this afternoon

They are now trying to conn the people of South Essex RM17 area.
I had a call from them today, told them I was not interested and I put the phone down.

Just got one today (UB8) which cut itself off after the person said "Crime Prevention...", and had another at the end of last week which sounded official, but I told them I was too busy when I was asked to go through a survey :(
Maybe they looked me up on TPS after they dialled this time...

Just "give the tablet" to bland nasal sounding person of the ilk described above "covering the RM5 area" I kinda washed over and rolled with im not the homeowner to get rid of them as I have a short fuse today...

Hi Mary!

SURPRISE!! I had a call an hour ago from the same mob, purporting to be concerned because of the rising crime numbers in the RG9 area. I was less than helpful and very suspicious, and a cursory Google search found your very helpful post. I have not read all the comments above, but the early negative ones should be ashamed of themselves because clearly this bogus company are still doing the rounds more than a year later. Thanks for the alert - much appreciated.

And now they're trawling CH45.

Yes now in the Wirral area of Merseyside! Thanks for the heads up. Luckily I was visiting my parents place when the call came through. I questioned who he was, the name Roger Holcomb and after a few pauses, I extracted his company name from him which was Group 1 Security based in Cheshire. After asking him to remove the number from the telephone list and not wanting wireless security, he soon hung up.

The company doing most of country is group 1 and they always use false names ( they really called Anna and john) they based in altrincham and small office at heathrow and selling system for upto 5k, I'm an self employed engineer and no about the system and although it's good they ripping people off as I as well as other reputable fitters know

Crime Protection Initiative is the people phoning not crime prevention, and they're a really good company. They offer free monitored alarm systems across the UK - as part of a national promotional campaign. I went along with this and they did alert me nice and early that as it is a monitored alarm system there is a monitoring fee. I was told the prices and was very pleased. I arranged an appointment with the alarm providers and then a very nice gentleman came down and demonstrated this system to myself. I was delighted with the system they were offering, it has everything you could possibly want/need from an alarm system - at a reasonable cost.

Crime Protection Initiative is nothing to worry about. They will not pester you if you declare yourself not interested in the campaign they are running. But I would like to recommend to anyone looking for an alarm system at the moment, to definitely take a look into this company.

I believe the providers of the alarm are Group One Security - You should definitely have a look at them there brilliant!!!!

I have published the last comment even though I believe it to be a troll (that is, planted by the company).

I suggest everyone checks out http://forum.sydenham.org.uk/viewtopic.php?t=7181 before being taken in by Crime Protection Initiative.

If you have a complaint against Group 1 Security you can call the Sales Director Jon Rigby on 07580043730

I can confirm Group 1 Security are operating on The Wirral. Targeted my mum with stories of high crime rates and an offer of a free alarm before getting her to sign up to four and a half thousand pounds worth of work she didn't need. Disgraceful.

I received one of these calls today, having already read the info on this site I knew what was coming, I can handle myself so I thought i'd give them the benefit of the doubt as I used to work in one of these call centres, I received a call back from a chap named Daniel Grey about 20mins after the first phone call, he gave me some information on crime statistics and explained how the bell alarm is no longer being responded to by police (something that I did not know) he then continued to explain how it was group one security who were running a promotional campaign in the area and could offer me a wireless monitored system free of charge also installation free, with just a monitoring cost, he was not able to give me an exact price because each alarm is made to suit an individual needs, I agreed to an appointment and got a call back from a lady at the head office at Group1 who explained further and gave me the identification of the assessor called Peter who was also an ex police officer now employed by Group1. His came around and pitched the system to me and my wife, he was not pushy what so ever, lovely chap to be honest, we did not take on the system because we had both just been made redundant but we have the number and as soon as we are back in employment we will surely take one of these systems. I suppose it goes to show its not a scam however I do agree ''Crime Protection'' could be abit misleading but certainly not a scam preying on the elderly.

- Mark

Sorry for the delay in publishing the comment above

Look group 1 security are fraudsters. If you want to complain you can call Jon Rigby sales director on 07580043730

After cancelling the work that my mum had been talked into over the phone, in a letter and in an email, she received a further call from the manager at Group 1 Security saying that she should continue with the installation and he was 'worried about her because she's on her own'. I can't help but think that those saying they are 'not pushy' are from the company. I have reported them to the Telephone Preference Service and Trading standards.

They are now phoning in the RH1 area. I have had 2 calls today. One from a woman who assured me she wasn't selling anything but was describing a product to prevent crime, and the other from a man named Tom.
Both hung up immediately when I said I was on the TPS list and that I would be reporting them.
TSP will be sending me a form to fill in as they have said that they will investigate further.

Just had a call for Crime Prevention UK - offering free installation - and was I or anyone in the household over 60 years old. When told no, she said - oh (with surprise) you may still qualify. Then went into crimes "statitstics mode". Both of us got bored quite quickly and she put the phone down. Number withheld. Checked Google and found this blog. We are Essex: SS6 area

G1S Solutions (Group 1 Security) are agressive when cold calling, the aim is to get a risk assessement officer round to see you the next day, get the system installed the next day and get your money.

If you have been unfortunate to be receiving a visit from G1S/Group 1 Security please phone Citizens Advise Helpline on 08454 04 05 06 and they will arrange the police to be there at the time.

A home alarm is designed to keep criminals out, Group 1 Security are criminals!

Thanks Mary for this information. I've received a rather frightening scare mongering letter from Group 1 Security today. The title says "IMPORTANT - DO NOT DISREGARD THIS LETTER". I'll now be ready for when they call and the letter has been "filed".

I received a letter from Group 1 Security about a proactive campaign that they were running throughout my local borough (I'm from the Potters Bar area) - Initially I was very skeptical about the campaign and soon received a call from one of their consultants, Geoffrey Moss - who's job was to run me through the campaign in a bit more detail.

The figures he used were from the official Police.UK website (and I did my homework, no exaggeration was used) and they did indeed show a slight upwards trend in home burglary since this time last year. He explained very thoroughly that as part of the regional campaign I would be eligible for a free system and installation, with the only cost to myself being the monitoring of it.

I invited one of their risk assessment officers around who was a lovely chap called Douglas Smith who was an ex police officer, after a brief demonstration of the system and a risk assessment he worked out several packages for the monitoring cost dependent on how extensively I would like to be covered and my own personal budget (I'm on a state pension) was taken in to account. I bought a monitoring package for just £24 per month on a rolling contract and I've found my system to be very useful.

One piece of advice from me: Don't judge all security companies around what SAS Fire and Security did, G1S is a legitimate and professional company.

Sorry for the delay in publishing the comment from Willie Taylor, but I have been on holiday.

I would refer you to my post here: http://www.maryreid.org.uk/blog/?q=node/240

The local police advised me: "We are advising residents not to have dealings with them nor Central Intelligence Security Solutions ( CISS) and Group 1 Security. They all appear to be telemarketing/cold caller type companies."

See further comments from other people about Group 1 Security in the thread above.

Had a call from a suspicious sounding gentleman who said he was calling from the 'crime prevention control center' - after asking him if he was part of the local constabulary I eventually found out he was calling from Group 1 Security and wanted to make an appointment to demonstrate an alarm system to me and my wife.

I actually had a call from these guys today. I always make brief notes when I receive unsolicited sales calls so I can expand on my experience.

'PC James Thompson' called me claiming to be part of the crime prevention team with Merseyside constabulary.
He explained that there was a 'defeat the burglar' campaign running in my area due to an upsurge in robbery and burglary. (Figures which I later discovered were false when I looked at my neighborhood watch briefing as provided by the Home Office.)

A company, G1S, were sponsoring the campaign (he later confirmed that he was directly affiliated with the company) and said company had agreed to issue free house alarms to all local house holders in a bid to reduce crime rate.

Upon further questioning Mr Thompson explained that there would be a monitoring cost in order to receive a response. When asked how much said cost would be he insisted that a sales representative must come round to evaluate my needs and determine the cost.

I declined and was then mocked by Mr Thompson who then slammed the phone.

Willie Taylor is actually Jon Rigby, sales director of G1S.

Willie Taylor above describes Doug Smith as a lovely chap who is an ex police officer. In fact Doug Smith is a thief and a conman who has spent time in Wormwood scrubs!

I have decided not to publish a comment posted yesterday because it makes accusations which could be viewed as libellous. If the commenter can substantiate those claims, perhaps with links to news reports, then I could publish it.

What was the basic outline of the post which you decided not to publish Mrs Reid?
Having had the call myself I am very curious.

It stated that someone had a criminal record. I can't risk publishing that unless someone points me towards the evidence.

I had a call from a gentleman calling himself "Matthew Peterson" this morning. At first he told me clearly he was calling from Merseyside Police (crime prevention unit). He explained that an official government campaign was running due to a "rise in crime" (funny as our local PCSO has told us crime rates are falling).

He went on to explain i was eligible for a free alarm where everything is free. The only cost was for the monitoring so i declined the offer. When i then asked where he was calling from he back tracked and said group 1 security and his name was "James Thompson."

Who was this man? Where was he from? Why did he use an alias?

I would strongly advise you to tell the local police team about it.

It seems that Mr. Thompson is making these phone calls to a large number of people in Merseyside.

I encountered a similar call today after receiving a letter three days earlier. It was explained that the crime rate in Merseyside has increased somewhat since last year! I was then quite boldly asked what kind of security measures I have taken to secure my home, a question which I refused to answer! These guys could be asking this under false premise to case the joint for all I know.
After some deliberation I was told that I was eligible for a free security system (apparently my postal code is in a "qualifying sub-section of what ever they're doing") (What the hell is a qualifying sub-section?!)

I eventually agreed to take up a free demonstration of the system as I figured I had nothing to lose, after a quick google search I found this page and called G1S to cancel my appointment. I was greeted by Richard Tailor, a manager at the company, who interrogated me as to why I wanted to cancel my appointment (in a manner which sounded rather aggressive) - I explained that I had seen bad write ups about the company on the Internet to which he replied "I know what the home-owner wants, I know what the home-owner needs." And hung up.

Very odd indeed. I advise people to be very careful.

These con men are now operating in the N14 area, I initially received a call this morning around 10:03 AM from a male called Stephen McNuff who informed me of the campaign and asked if I would like a call back with further information (I said no because I was in bed at the time;) Mr McNuff then asked if I was "one of those lazy people who stays in bed all day" I went on to explain that I was disabled and have a hard time moving around independently, how dare this man have the audacity to ask that?! I accepted the call back to get him off the phone eventually!

My phone rang again 5 minutes later and I was greeted to the nasal/frog sounding voice of a gentleman called Nigel Millett - and what ensued was one of the oddest conversations I've ever had!! I too was told I am in a 'qualifying subsection' of my local borough and would be eligible for a free alarm.. I asked Mr Millett what kind of back up or sponsorship the campaign had and he actually told me it was officially backed by the UK Home Office and Barnet Council! (Yeah, right!)

He went on to explain that a former military police officer, Douglas Smith, was patrolling my area offering friendly 30 minute surveys and a demonstrations of this system as a way of establishing what would interest me, he also explained that Mr McNuff had passed on the message of the fact I suffered from a disability and he thought I would benefit from the "Medi-care" aspect of the system which came equipped with trip-and-fall sensors as well as medical pendants for emergencies.. this sounded like it would cost a fortune but when I asked Nigel how much it'd be he said it depends on how many call outs I would require and my risk level "You may require a call out once in a blue moon, if not never.." was his method of explaining the cost (too vague for my liking Mr. Millett!)

I agreed to the appointment in the end as I was promised a free UV property marking pen as well as a free risk assessment for my time. My door bell rang 30 minutes later and I was greeted not by Douglas Smith, former police officer, but by a lady called Sarah (who didn't look a ten-bob note if I'm completely honest) I asked for her badge and identification at the door and she gave me a poorly made, self laminated, G1S identification that looked like it had been made on Microsoft Paint..Needless to say that was enough to put me off letting "Sarah Wade" in to my home, I turned her away from my door and that was the end of that (Or so I thought!)

Richard Taylor, marketing and sales manager, at Group 1 gave me a call no longer than five minutes after I had turned his representative away, he sounded angry.. comparable to a rhinoceros on heat and in a fashion similar to what the poster above encountered he yelled at me "I KNOW WHAT THE HOME OWNER WANTSHH, I KNOW WHAT THE HOME OWNER NEEDSHHH, I INVENTED THE PITCH FOR THESE ALARM SYSTEMS!! YOU THINK ITS A SURPRISE WE GET SO MANY PICK UPSSSSHH" and the phone then slammed with some force!

Geoff - I would have laughed at their stupidity if it wasn't so serious. They appear to be using a script to identify people with disabilities. I hope you have been in touch with your local police, and with Barnet Council to warn them.

Richard Taylor does not exist, the person you were speaking to would have been Jon Rigby Sales Director and yes he is very obnoxious indeed. Mr Rigby also uses the names Simon Manning, Andrew Langley and on this board as Willie Taylor.

Either him or Nima Rastegar, sales manager.

Group 1 Security (G1S Solutions) fit the Visionic PowerMax plus system which is a good wireless alarm system but a typical 4 bed house kit costs just £300. A simple search on the web will find this system for sale an example is www.quick2fit.co.uk for around £300. Group 1 charge £5,000 plus for these systems so please don't get ripped off!

I would like to advise people that Group 1 do not charge £5,000 for this system. Part of the packages they offer include monitoring of the system which you would obviously not get if you were to just buy the system one off.

Monitoring means that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the system would be remotely connected to a station where by if anything was to activate the system weather the home owner was at home or not it would send them a signal and allow them to deal with it appropriately. (even able to send a response to the property).

There are several companies who offer this service in the UK, the largest of which being ADT. ADT charge between £99 and £149 one off for the system. They then go on to charge around £35 a month for the monitoring. This means that if you were with ADT for 10 years you would have paid around £4300. With ADT you rent the system for as long as you have it, so if you decide to end your contract with them you wont even benefit from a deterrent as they will come and take the system out. How is this not unacceptable when Group 1 charging a similar amount is?

Also i receive aggressive, misleading calls from a number of large companies (including British Gas, Santander ect) and they seem to be ok with it. Lets face it how many times have we been told by gas and electric companies that they WILL save us money but when we switch it doesn't turn out to be the case. To me this is much much worse than what Group 1 do. If somebody doesn't want one of the systems, dont book an appointment, its that simple.

i realise i am going to be called a "troll" maybe even an employee but that is why i have shown my working out above.

ps mary, i think you should make more of an effort to verify some of the comments above as i struggle to believe some of them are true. I think theres a word for publishing untrue comments.

mary have you contacted the company themselves to give them a right to reply before publishing these derogatory comments?

I am sure the company is monitoring this blog and has indeed posted comments in the past. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of anything written by commenters on my blog, but I publish them in the spirit of free speech. However, the accumulated impact of the comments, both here and elsewhere on the web, is quite persuasive.

I do not give in to veiled threats.

In reply to those writing in support of Crime Prevention UK and its various guises I would ask why a reputable company would want to mislead punters, and why police forces across the country have warned against them.

I would assume the above comment was penned by Nima Rastegar. He's a former salesman at G1S, now serving as a make-shift manager, commonly referred to as Richard Taylor when he liaises with clients.

Admittedly British Gas and similar companies may make said comments, but they do so whilst abiding by the OfCom codes of conduct, something which G1S Ltd. (Soon to rename due to their lousy reputation) do not.

Firstly they canvass to numbers which have not been screened against the TPS database, the call-centre staff are actively encouraged to use scare-mongering tactics to persuade people to take up demonstrations (inflated crime statistics). Not to mention the fact that they prey on the elderly, people whom they feel will cave in to the massive amount of pressure piled on to them by the field salesmen (who they claim are former members of the Police force, when in fact they are former double-glazing sales sharks.)

I am a former manager at the company, I am all to familiar with the slimy tactics they use to con elderly, innocent people out of their money. Yes Nima, you do offer the monitoring service (a service which could be bought independently for £3/month) but your maintenance is certainly not free, you charge for that. The fact you mention ADT is laughable, they are by and large the most reputable security company in the country, it is also funny the fact you calculate how much their monitoring would be over 10 years, they give people the option to pay in small monthly amounts rather than taking several thousand pounds upfront.

I agree with Nima (sorry I mean Mark Regis) that Group 1 Security do not charge £5,000 for an alarm system –in fact they typically charge £6,000 - £7,000. This is what that Doug Smith quoted my elderly parents. And yes I am referring to the "lovely chap Douglas Smith" as Jon Rigby (sorry I mean Willie Taylor) described him in his post on the 18 October 2012. I stepped in to stop the sale.

The readers on this board can take their own view on why G1S ask for all the money up front for a long term monitoring contract!

Interesting comments by the poster on 20 December 2012 as he was a manager at G1S and one would assume there is sufficient info that G1S will know who he is so he is unlikely to be on G1S Christmas card list.

What I would like to ask is
How did you get the job and did you know what you were getting into to?
Do G1S actually monitor?
Background information on Jon Rigby, Nima, Andy, What did they do before G1S, Group 1 Security, Easy Credit etc
Commission rates for sales staff and tele canvasses?
Mobile phone number of directors. Jon Rigby no longer seems to be answering his mobile!

The directors of G1S have set up 2 new companies, this is public information and a search of www.companieshouse.co.uk will find this information:

Company incorporated 7 December 2012, 13 December 2012 Nima, Andy and Jon appointed as directors, Companies House Reg 08322233

Taken over this company and Nima, Jon and Andy appointed as directors on 13 December 2012 and company name changed to INTEL DEFENCE SECURITY LIMITED

The directors are:
Date of Birth: 19 January 1954

Jon Paul Rigby Date of birth : 11 May 1981

Nima Rastegar Date of Birth 10 September 1986

Company reg 06016964 changed name to INTER DEFENCE SECURITY LIMITED and Andy, Jon and Nima are the directors.

The www.group1security.com website has gone and they have a new website:

Different company, same directors, sama scam

If you look at http://interdefencesecurity.co.uk it is exactly the same as group1security's website

Its even a got a picture of Doug Smith http://www.intds.co.uk/Campaign

Yesterday both Jon Rigby and Andy resigned as directors of Inter Defence Security, Have the directors fallen out?

Also can anyone shed light on what Defence MM Limited is about?

Thanks for updating us!

Hi does anyone know if LOCKEDUP monitored security is by chance conected with these people. we are in gu6 area.

G1S Solutions went into administration on Friday 8 March 2013 see London Gazette

Nima Rastegar continues with Inter Defence Security.

Customers of G1S Solutions are now being contacted by Locked Up Monitored Security of Middlesbough company reg 03645169

Can the anonymous who posted on 8 March 2013 in GU6 area advise if they were a victim of G1S and if so how much?

They are now operating in the Enfield & South Herts areas under the name of IDS (Inter Defence Secutiry), using almost identical promotional material and sales techniques as G1S last September.

Hi yes we did fall foul of G1S in 2011 and will not disclose the amount on an open forum.

We reviewed the www.intds.co.uk site

Overall the site is amateurish with poor grammar, we assume it was produced by Jon Rigby who is way less smart than he thinks he is. The testimonials are all false. The campaigns page is bizarre! At least it has pictures of aggressive sales duo of Doug Smith and Peter De Abreu. Do not let them enter your home, call the police.

IDS Web Statement: The No.1 in home protection
Comment: Absolutely not.

IDS Web: Guarantee
Your system and all related services come with an unlimited and unconditional guarantee. We will repair, replace and provide all services necessary free of charge against any possible defects as part of this guarantee.
Comment: Yes but the directors previous companies Group 1 Security and G1S closed after a year so it is unlikely IDS will be around for long to honour the guarantee

IDS Web: Established in 2006
Comment: The company was originally called Sussex Security Services Limited which was established in 2006 but the current directors were only appointed in December 2012.

IDS Web: Our company directors and managers have over 4 decades of valuable experience in the home safety and security industry.
Comment: Utter rubbish, IDS is currently run by Nima Rastegar who is an arrogant 26 year old with no experience of the security industry

IDS Web: With bases already in Manchester and London, we are opening more and more offices across the country.
Comment: No they have a rented mailbox in Manchester and Hownslow.

IDS: Most of our business comes from referrals, an indication that our clients are sure of our ability to deliver on all that we do and promise
Comment: No their business comes from telling lies and bullying customers

Please note that I have no way of verifying the claims made by people who post comments on this website.

The warnings I received from my local police, plus the investigations by journalists of some of the companies mentioned, do imply that there is a solid base to the allegations. However I do have to cover myself and say that I have not personally investigated the claims in the comments and invite my readers to judge them for themselves.

I once had the pleasure of working for John and Nima I went around actually selling the systems I was on commission only so had to be ruthless or didn't get paid if you paid 5000 pound for a system I would have made £850 I could do 3 of them a week so as you can see it was extremely good money John and Nima use fake names all the time I never new there real name for about 2 weeks after starting with them they have there call centere in altrincham were they are on commission only as well if anyone's got anymore questions i will more than happily answere them.

Thank you - very helpful

IDS appointed 2 new directors on 14 March 2013, Ordered Management Director Ltd and Ordered Management Secretary Ltd http://www.orderedmanagement.co.uk

This comes just 2 weeks after I reported that Jon Rigby and Andy GUNASEKERA resigned as directors. Is this because Jon and Andy are about to be banned from being directors or an attempt to hide from the authorities?

They are recruiting 15 telephone canvassers to their Altringham call centre, below are the details from a gumtree add:

Telephone Appointment Makers Required

Reply to this ad or Alex on 07952019549

Contract type


Due to Expansion 15 Additional Positions Available

£10 Per Hour, Plus Bonuses Paid Weekly

Full and Part Time Positions Available, Flexible Hours

No Cold Calling

Full Training Is Provided

Experience Is An Advantage

Based in Timperley, Altrincham

Send Your CV and a Manager Will Contact You Back Within 2 Hours to Arrange an Interview

Immediate Start

The Ordered Management directors resigned 22 March 2012, just 1 week after being appointed. I do not know the reason but I believe Ordered Management are a legit company who may not have been aware of the background of IDS.

Unfortunately Mary the law in the UK doesn't work like that. As a qualified barrister I would advise you seek to verify all comments you receive. Posting them on your site without doing so could potentially lead to a court case. This is personified by the fact the company do nothing wrong. They are registered at companies house, all accounts are up to date and their office location information is in the public domain. If they were as bad as some of your posts state, they would have been closed down and prosecuted some time back. I would be very very careful if I were you. Remember, it's your name in the address bar and it's you choosing to publish these comments with no real effort to verify them.

I disagree with the comment submitted by anonymous on 13 April 2013. Whilst they are registered at companies house their accounts are not up to date and they owe both VAT and corporation tax, that is why they went into liquidation. DirectorCheck will show that Jon Paul Rigby and Halapperuage Gunasekera were directors of the following companies

Group 1 Security (dissolved )
Crime Prevention Organisation (dissolved )
G1S Solutions (in liquidation)
Inter Defence Security
Defence MM

Mary does sterling work posting this blog and has no doubt saved many from being ripped off. They sell 10-15 year monitoring deals with payment up front so as you can see from their company history the companies do not stay around long.

Their registered address is a mailbox but there is nothing wrong with a mailbox as many legit companies do this.

Every Police force up and down the country is aware of the these companies and will not hesitate to take action, anyone who receives a visit from an Inter Defence Security Sales rep should call their local police. However, this type of crime is low on the priority radar and building a case for prosecution takes effort which is not always supported.

In reply to the poster on 13 April 2013. You are incorrect when you say the company do nothing wrong.

Dear Qualified Barrister
Welcome to the forum but I must say that I was perplexed by the nature of your post. Barristers defend criminals in court which is perfectly acceptable and part of the legal process. But what I cannot understand is why a Barrister would come to this forum to defend the behaviour of companies like Group 1 Security and Inter Defence Security?

I also find it ironic that you complain that Mary makes no real effort to verify the posts when you yourself have made no effort to verify your own post. You have made the following incorrect statements:

“Accounts are up to date”: - Companies house has the G1S statement of affairs dated 4 March 2013 and signed by Halapperuage Gunasekera which shows they own £20K PAYE/NI and £32K VAT

“They would have been closed down”:- The companies have been closed down they simple open new ones. Perhaps as someone with legal training you could advise how the system should be changed to prevent this

“The company does nothing wrong”:- Objection your Honor, this statement is ridiculous

The original company, SAS used similar tactics on a local resident in my area who got suckered into installing a system. Did they adhere to the cooling off period as prescribed by UK law ?, no chance, the engineer was round the next day and it was installed in less than 4 hours.

As I am the Vice chairman of the local residents association, the resident contacted me. Now, to most people this wouldn't be totally interesting. However I have over 33 years experience in legitimate electronic security so this really got my attention.

The first thing I did was inspect the system. 3 cheap £28.00 each passive infra red detectors. A control panel from Mexico and 2 radio door contact switches a "smoke" detector and a personal attack / medical alert button. Total cost, maximum £640 !. The hire agreement and so called alarm recieving centre cost would have made this over £4000 over 5 years.

The control panel had a wire leading to a BT socket with a doubler unit to enable the phone to be connected and the control system. Only problem was inside the control box it went nowhere. If the system had activated it would have made a noise inside but nothing else, no call for Police ( notice I said "for" and not "to". No systems are directly connected to Police stations over than Royalty and MOD sites, the connected to Police blurb is all rubbish). This means that the "medical and Fire" help also would not have been monitored either.

The system had no external sounder, i.e. bell or siren so just a siren inside.

Quite simply one big fat con job. At the request of the home owner I completely removed every scrap of this system. It went in a small box and was store by the resident. It took me 10 seconds to shut the siren up and 10 minutes to take it all down.

On the advice of Trading Standards no money was paid as they had broken the consumer credit act, the system had no merit in law and had they sued for money they would have been slapped down hard by a Judge.

In the end a very sheepish "customer service rep" called and took the system in the box away. Nothing was heard until Inter Defence Security sent the same resident a letter trying to do exactly the same thing. You would have thought they would have learned a lesson, but nooooo..

Moral: Non certified companies cannot offer insurance guarantees and often insurers will reject them and demand properly installed systems. If you want an intruder alarm go to a reputable company which has something like the following text on its website or literature:

"We are a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) NACOSS Gold company- This ensures the highest level of compliance with NSI guidance. Accredited companies are audited to guarantee that the installations of security systems are to industry standards. It also ensures that the company is fully supported by an ISO 9001 management system to guarantee the undertaking of key procedures such as staff training, false alarm management, customer satisfaction and complaint procedures."

I might add that I do not now install or design intruder systems, but I have done so in the past for very large UK companies and designed systems for very big institutions. These sort of tactics don't do an honest industry and favours and only run by cheats out to make a quick buck.

If you get a call simply ask them if they are members of NACOSS, that should get you a very nice "click" on the telephone !!

IDS are still operating and I confirm that the UKs most dishonest salesman Doug Smith is still out on the road. Doug is IDS's top con man and worked for G1S and Group 1 Security. He can make up to £1,000 per sale, if you know his whereabouts let the authorities know



There must be more we can do to stop IDS and ensure that the directors can't just start up again. Otherwise we will still be reading posts on this blog for years. The law needs changing surely is this something that should be raised at Parliament?

Has everyone who has been caught by these people reported it to Action Fraud? It should be possible to take some collective action as well. I'm not a victim so I can't do much more than provide a space for discussion.

I will take it up with my MP too. It would make sense for each person to go to their MP as they can only act for their constituents. But I will find out if anyone in Parliament is taking any action.

I was not aware of Action Fraud thanks for info I have logged a case. I would urge anyone who has been a victim of Group 1 Security, G1S Solutions or Inter Defence Security to log a case. This can be done online at www.actionfraud.police.uk or on the phone 0300 123 2040. The information you provide will be passed to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, the police, and other Government agencies and bodies involved in fighting fraud.

The details you need are:
INTER DEFENCE SECURITY LIMITED Companies House Reg No 06016964
Status: Active

G1S Solutions Companies House Reg No 07375877
Incorporated 14/09/2010
Status: In Liquidation

Group 1 Security Companies House Reg No 06938403
Incorporated 18/06/09 dissolved 01/02/11
Status: Dissolved

Date of Birth: 19 January 1954

Jon Paul Rigby
Date of birth : 11 May 1981

Nima Rastegar
Date of Birth 10 September 1986

Just to let you all know that I have raised this with my MP as promised. I suggest others who have been caught out do the same. You are welcome to direct them to this thread so they can get the background information.

The directors Mr Rigby and Mr GUNASEKERA were also directors of

Incorporated 15/02/2010
Struck off 01/10/2012

Company No. 07157382

As readers of this board know only too well, Crime Prevention was the front company used to imply illegally that Group 1 security were part of a government initiative.

Also company Defence MM Ltd Company No. 08322233 is still active and Mr Rigby and Mr GUNASEKERA are former directors. This company was formed in 07/12/2012 but what is unknown is what purpose this company serves, does anyone have any inside knowledge that they can share?

Can anyone who works/used to work for Jon Rigby or Mr GUNASEKERA know if they are still involved in running Inter Defence Security? They both resigned back in March 2013.

Hi Mary, In response to your original post above, in December 2010 in the KT9 area there were 0 burglaries. In January 2011 there was 10 and in February 2011 there was 14. Is this not an increase?

Also "I asked her who she was calling from, and she told me that they were a commercial company specialising in security products, and they were working in the area." - This leads me to believe the company do not pretend to be the police or anything else or they wouldn't have told you they were a commercial company.

I mean can you provide the name of just one genuine person who is not happy with G1S or IDS? Also how are you linking SAS to these companies other than the fact they both sell security products? Is there any solid link between the two? I don't think so.

Crime figures above are from the police.uk website which you can happily check yourself!

That's fantastic Mary. Pity you didn't answer the two questions put to you. Was there actually a rise in kt9 which your own post says there wasn't? Also the link you posted relates to SAS Fire and Security where as the vast majority of the posts on here are relating to G1S/IDS. Other than the fact they both sell/sold security how are these companies linked? Can you or anyone else on this forum openly come out with a name and say they were unhappy with a service from G1S/IDS? We have now shown their figures quoted to be correct. The company is registered with a public domain head office. You can access their website and call them any time (ive tried). They are not secretive, a quick internet search provided email address phone numbers office addresses.

I think you are being disingenuous on the local crime figures. There are always monthly variations, but in Kingston as a whole, and in Chessington, in particular we have some of the lowest crime figures in the whole of London.

I have just checked the crime figures for Chessington North and they were actually lower in March 2013 (the last recorded data) than in December 2010. http://www.ukcrimestats.com/Neighbourhood/Metropolitan_Police/Chessingto...

The head office is a rented mailbox in Manchester, the call centre is a secret location in Timperley, Altrincham. The directors use false names when talking to customers, eg Richard Taylor, can IDS prove Richard Taylor is a real person and on the payroll!

Their sales reps claim to be ex police, I doubt it but I don't have proof.

How can you explain that they sell 10 year plus monitoring but the companies Group 1 Security, G1S, Crime Prevention (all run by the same directors) close after a year or so!

The claim on the IDS website is that IDS "The No.1 in home protection" are you going to say that's true?

Maybe the same applies to yourself mary. There is no argument, when you were contacted by this company there had been a recent rise In crime. Over a three month period it rose from 0 to 14! Maybe the reduction in crime you speak of is in part due to this campaign. Also you seem to be doing quite well avoiding the other major point. You are linking these companies to SAS when in reality there is no connection whatsoever. How are you linking them? Why are you posting links to articles about an entirely different company. The mirror article you posted above names the directors of SAS. Are any of them involved in any way with G1S/IDS? These people are trying to run a perfectly legitimate business. As mentiond they are registered with companies house all their information is in the public domain as it legally has to be. They hide nothing. Heck just scrolling up can find you a list of directors/ex directors ect. How you can call this fraud is beyond me. where are all the victims of this fraud? Sat in a secure property happy as larry with their monitered and maintained system.

Perfectly legitimate business... seriously?

Well if they are customers of G1S or Group 1 security they won't be sat "happy as larry with their monitored and maintained system" as these companies have closed!

You obviously don't know how to read and analyse statistics. What matters is the trends, and crime had been dropping in this area for several years, and specifically since the introduction of Neighbourhood policing.

The company that called me used exactly the same message to all their targets, whatever the crime rate for the area they were phoning.

In my original post I do not mention G1S - that was picked up by the large number of commenters who added further information beyond what I originally wrote. However, I have noted above that the local police issued this advice "We are advising residents not to have dealings with them [Crime Prevention UK] nor Central Intelligence Security Solutions (CISS) and Group 1 Security. They all appear to be telemarketing/cold caller type companies."

The registered head office seems to be a company formation agency. 1000's of companies use these and direct mail to their office of work. Im sorry can anyone on this post say they have spoken to a director who gave a fake name. That is just utter speculation. Why would the directors of a company who operate nationally be answering the telephone? And your comment on the company strap line is just stupid. "You cant beat a bit of bully" was the famous strap line of a popular ITV1 game show. Im sure if you try hard enough a bit of bully can be beaten!

Yes many legitimate small companies use rented mailbox and there is nothing wrong. But Inter Defence Security claim to be a nationwide company!

Yes many posters refer to being telephoned by Richard Taylor - a fake name!

Well Inter Defence Security is not a nationwide company, it is a small outfit and anyone who complains, cancels an appointment is likely to speak to a director using a fake name.

My point was are you telling me that Inter Defence Security is the no 1?

I just got a call from 'Ellie' from Inter Defence Security going through exactly the same script- increase in burglaries in your area etc. (WD4)..Free Alarm System..Free Installation...Just one monitoring connection charge etc.

I let her go through the patter for a few minutes, up until the 'we have a few appointments free tonight' bit then I told her I already have a monitored alarm (true as it happens - £38.35/qtr for monitoring - unchanged since at least 2005).

The telephone number was 0203 6752398 but it a Marketing Call Centre and a recorded message says it doesn't accept incoming calls.


Thanks for the post as this is a useful warning for calls from the number you include. I just did a search on the number and found the following


Several posters on WhoCallsMe refer to receiving recent calls from Inter Defence Security implying that they are in partnership with the police. This is a direct contradiction to what our "IDS Friend" was posting yesterday on this forum in a series of bizarre exchanges with Mary.

Great forum Mary


Several more numbers all with the same theme pretending to be working with the police




This overwhelming evidence together with the details from companies house that show the same directors keep starting up new companies, does our IDS friend still believe that Inter Defence Security are a perfectly legitimate business?

Can he/she also tell us what his involvement is with Group 1, G1S, Inter Defence, Crime Protection is?

Thanks for pointing me, and people on this thread, to WhoCallsMe.

Inter Defence Security Ltd are now trying to operate and cold call individuals under the name of Defence MM Limited which is also directed by Mr Nima Rastegar and Mr Jon Rigby I strongly suggest not let these in your homes and hand money over to these individuals.

Has anybody got further information on this please?

How interesting....

There needs to be a change in the law to stop this type of fraud. The National Fraud Authority and National Fraud Intelligence Bureau have small budgets and this type of consumer fraud is low on the police priority list. I do believe, however, that the law can be change to enable the police to take action more efficiently. Therefore all victims should raise a case with Action Fraud and obtain a crime reference and write to their MP asking for debate on consumer fraud referencing this blog.

MPs, if you are reading this we need your help to fight consumer fraud. Would this be a topic for an All Party Parliamentary Group to focus on consumer fraud using as an example the fraud committed by the numerous companies run by Rigby and Gunasekara over 4 year period: Group 1 Security, G1S Solutions, Crime Prevention Organisation UK, Defence MM, Inter Defence Security

I have just had a letter from these people, so it would appear thet they are now in the Chester area.

Apologies for the delay in publishing the comment above. I normally get an email alerting me to a comment, but I must have deleted it in error.

My father just had a visit from Inter Defence Security Ltd, offering free systems and install & you just pay for monitoring, didn't seem overly pleased when we said we would like to think about it but wasn't pushy, oh and thats in the SE9 area

My grandfather had a call from inter defence security ltd in August. He has parted with his cash and has an alarm fitted :-( he didn't tell us about anyone calling round at the time so we were unable to stop this before it happened.

The number on the IDS website doesn't work and neither does another number on his paperwork. How do we even find out if any part of this alarm is working?

I know he won't get his money back but can someone tell me what we should do to make others aware and who we need to contact?

Thanks in advance.

I worked for ids for 3 weeks so any information you want I'll be happy to give.

Just had the latest in a series of phone calls "to stop nuisance calls". I have clearly told them each time to go away and not phone again. I asked for the company name and address to send a £50 bill for time wasting: Homeguard, Unit 1400 1st floor offices, Dunbas, Hilsea, PO3 5WR

Google found this - I will bill Mr Liddiard -

Job No:PAS/18214
Employer Reference:
SOC Code:
Date postedJul 13, 2012
Closing date
Pension details
Telesales agents required to join successful team based in Hillsea. Sales experience preferred although not essential as training given. Basic National Minimum Wage + generous uncapped commission and bonuses, higher than industry average OTE £500 per week.
How to apply
You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Clive Liddiard at Homeguard Direct, [email protected] .
Homeguard Direct

Re Anon who posted 25 September 2013
Please raise a case with Action Fraud and report this to your local police. If the telephone numbers are not being answered it may be that IDS is being shut down. The companies only last a year and then the directors start a new company – they just replace the words “Inter Defence” with the new company name, they don’t even bother to correct the poor grammar and spelling.
Re Anonymous who posted 27 September 2013
Did you work for Nima and Jon Rigby and can you provide more details. I know that Jon Rigby even uses a false name to his staff. If you have got inside information please go to the police.

Re Dave Fox
Homeguard direct are not in the Security business

Received email from Clive Liddiard -

I have been advised by our administration department that you should write into them with your complaint. Their address Homeguard Direct Limited, PO Box 3326, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN16 9EU

- letter sent.

who are homeguard direct lol. nothing to do with the other companies on this blog

Thanks to all contributors for such a fascinating and informative series of posts.

All I can add (without comment or judgement) is that IDS have recently mailed this area of SE London with offers of a free wireless installation for the over-40's, plus subscription to their monitoring service (cost unspecified) for 'burglary, panic situations, fire/carbon monoxide and medical emergency' in which case they'd 'verify, confirm...' and notify the correct emergency service (presumably to save you the effort of dialling 999, or calling the doctor?).

Their letter, complete with freephone number includes wonderfully suspect and alarmist altruism; (their) "aim...(to make you) safe...(and ) provide...peace of mind... (as traditional) bell-box...false alarms... exceed 92% (and) are no longer effective as a deterrent". 1000 such letters claim to have been sent locally, with the catch that only the first 200 of these installations will be free; you then 'pay for the monitoring'.

Rather than falling for this, one addressee referred it to our residents' association and neighbourhood watch- where a quick Google search led to this blog. I doubt they will welcome IDS into their home for a 'free security assessment'!

So well warned - thanks again!

Jon Rigby has set up Home Front Security Limited Comp reg no 08704562 on 24 September 2013. Also both Jon Rigby and Ana Gunasekera have been re-appointed as directors of Defence MM on 3 October 2013

Another strange and irrelevant comment to add to the 95% of this forum

Did Locked Up Monitored Security perform due diligence on G1S before entering into a partnership with G1S? Is it no surprise that people ripped off by G1S are upset when contacted by Locked Up asking for more money!

Locked Up should honour the monitoring service to G1S customers with no additional charge. I assume Locked Up will have no further dealings with any companies run by Rigby, Gunesekera or Rastegar such as Inter Defence Security, United Defence Security Solutions and Home Front Security?

I would like to clear up the many inaccuracies on this page.

This whole charade stared on the 18th June 2009 with the incorporation of Group 1 Security Ltd. Group 1 Security was founded, managed and operated by two ex-SAS salesman Jon Rigby and “Ana” Gunesekra. The company was started in good faith. The idea was to operate in a similar way to SAS except to really look after each and every client and ensure NO PRESSURE SALES. Initially this went really well and I would say not one unhappy customer came before maybe January 2010. Around this period SAS was undergoing court cases ect and attracted a lot of negative publicity. This had a major knock on effect and G1S had customers saying they were not interested before the call even begun. Because of this they endeavoured to find a way to get people to listen to the call before making a decision. This is why “Crime Prevention Organisation UK Ltd” was founded. This was never a trading company but more a trading name that was used to grab attention. It is worth mentioning here that it never has and never would be beneficial to pretend to be the police. All that happens then is the police call daily asking what is being said and customers who did book appointments cancelled and reported the company when a salesman arrived. To make it clear – THAT WAS NEVER THE INTENTION. In my opinion it would be more difficult to operate when pretending to be the police than when just simply calling from a private company. Crime Prevention UK proved to be the worst decision the directors ever made as the negative press was immediate and unstoppable. Even this blog itself was started on the back of a Crime Prevention UK call. Group 1 Security legitimately went “bust” in late 2010. When I say legitimately I mean the company ran out of money. This was not for tax reasons or because customers were unhappy or anything else this was because THE COMPANY RAN OUT OF MONEY! That simple. No ulterior motive at all!

Following on form Group 1 Security the directors felt they had made mistake but still saw an opportunity for a reputable monitored alarm company which is why G1S Solutions Ltd was founded. The problem with G1S solutions was as follows:

1. This blog – which in my opinion just has too many comments along the line of “I had a call today….” (nothing wrong with that)
2. Self-employed dis honest salesman.

Following a threat of a law suit from Group 4 Security, G1S was liquidated and IDS started. Nima Rastegar was approached at this point to become a nominee director/shareholder and signed an agreement to this effect. To make it clear NIMA RASTEGAR WAS NEVER A GENUINE DIRECTOR OR SHAREHOLDER but was purely a nominee. I would go as far as to say that Nima was almost conned into this as Jon and Ana’s name was now tarnished by this blog. All though never a director as a manager Nima really tightened every aspect of the business and to this day I challenge anyone to provide the name of a genuine IDS client who felt pressured or was unhappy with their system. As I mentioned above this blog has created a snowball effect for IDS with a lot of people just commenting saying “I had a call……” none of them say anyone tried to sound like the police and all knew it was a private marketing call. Around September 2013 Nima, Jon and Ana had a difference of opinion. Nima wanted to offer cheaper systems with a monthly charge while the others did not. This lead to Nima resigning from IDS to concentrate on another venture and left Jon and Ana in charge. This is where we are today. I have heard they will potentially be looking to liquidate the company for reasons beyond their control (money owed out without enough coming in!)

Being realistic beyond their businesses failing I struggle to understand what any of the people named on this blog have done “wrong”. Every time they sold a system in any capacity it was professionally installed to the customers’ requirements.

To make it clear:

NO age target was put on any purchased data
NO staff were told to lie or use fake names
The directors DID NOT answer incoming calls using false names
NO ONE has made real money from this

It would have worked in everyone’s favour if G1S or IDS were sustainable but just like 1000’s of Ltd companies every week they were not. These people were not con men, scammers or fraudsters but just bad businessmen. It’s worth mentioning that the police have never been involved and surely if they were fraudsters or scammers since 2009 they would have been. I think a much worse issue is the big 6 energy companies and maybe we can convert this blog to them.

Interesting report about IDS on Watchdog

I have not published a comment which contains personal details, including home address, of someone mentioned in this thread.

And here is the link to the BBC Rogue Traders Report

and the episode can be viewed online here until 30 October 2013

Had a call this morning from a gentleman describing himself as a "Crime Prevention Assessor". When I dug deeper he admitted he was a sales person for a company called "Home Front Security".

As i always do with these types of call i checked companies house and found Home Front Security Ltd. Home Front Security was founded by a Mr Jon Rigby within the last few weeks so i googled his name and found this blog. I don't think ill let them "assess" my property for one of these systems! Im in the DA postcode.


My name is Matthew Jackson and I am the marketing manager here at UDS Solutions. After reading through this blog for the first time I would like to clear up some of the incorrect and misleading posts that have appeared recently.

In direct response to the above post from "Anonymous" on 7th Nov 2013:

We have not been contacting anybody in the Enfield area for well over a month so all though I am quite certain this post has not come from a genuine person I will cover the points it raises.

Our staff do not use "scare tactics" and in fact all of our calls are recorded so if the poster would like to let me know their telephone number by email I will happily post a link on here through to the call recording.

Displaying the number of burglaries on our website is simply to create awareness and not to "scaremonger". We do not hide the fact it "simply increases every 40 seconds" and the website clearly states "*Figure increases one every 40 seconds. This estimate has been developed using Home Office, Scottish Government and Police Service of Northen Ireland figures (2009-2011)." http://www.tescocompare.com/infographics/burglary_statistics.shtml#.Unuc...

We do not provide a "fake address" as 145-157 St John Street, EC1V 4PW is our registered head office. We pay quite a substantial amount to ensure all correspondence sent to this address reaches us, and also to allow meetings to take place there. This is our registered head office and that is why it is displayed on our website.

We do not claim to be NSI NACOSS approved because we simply are not. It is quite clearly stated on the website "The monitoring station we use to provide our 24hour cover is" which is true.

My MD Nima Rastegar was involved at IDS as this blog shows. Due to a difference in opinion he resigned in September to focus on his own business leaving Mr Rigby and Mr Gunasekera in charge at IDS. (Nima was actually a nominee director all along). After hearing that IDS had ceased trading he immediately sent all customers a letter making them aware that we will honour their contracts at no additional cost. We have taken over 250+ IDS clients at a substantial cost to our company but are more than happy to do so.

Message to Mary Reid:

I would really appreciate if you refrain from posting comments regarding our company before making me aware by email and giving us a right to reply. We operate completely legally and have nothing to hide. We always contact local police before operating in an area just to make them aware of who we are and that we will be calling residents in the area.

Since offering to take over the IDS clients we have received a number of phone calls and not a single client had an unhappy experience. I would like to ask you to call a number of IDS customers and speak to them yourself to see what kind of experience they had with the company. I have been made aware that a lot of the comments above were actually posted by ex members of staff and I would challenge you to provide the details for just one person who was not 100% satisfied with their IDS/UDS experience. IDS always sent letters to residents before calling showing they were a private company and letting them know someone may be calling. IDS recently featured on a BBC Watchdog programme and they had no issues with the system or the service provided.

I can not comment on Group 1 Security, G1S or Crime Prevention UK as neither Mr Rastegar or myself were involved in the running of these companies. I would also like to politely request that you remove some of the comments above relating to our company of which I have just shown to contain inaccuracy's.

I would also like to make clear that Mr Rigby and Mr Gunasekera have no involvement whatsoever in UDS Solutions.


Matthew Jackson

Matthew Jackson

Thank you for your comments and explanation. Since my original post - which described a somewhat dubious phone call that I received - I have been inundated with descriptions of similar cold calling tactics used by companies presenting themselves under a range of company names. I am no expert on this and cannot carry out any investigations myself.

However, earlier this year I was subjected to some threatening behaviour from an unknown person which I reported to the serious crime police. They are aware of this thread.

I would suggest that any company that wants to carry out a legitimate business selling security alarms should distance themselves from the tactics used by those that were exposed on Watchdog. I would never buy an alarm from anyone who cold called me by phone or on the doorstep, especially if they tried to frighten me with inaccurate stories about crime levels in my area. If I wanted to buy one I would do my research online, select a product and a suitable company, based on genuine customer comments or local recommendations, and then approach them myself.

Given the publicity given by Watchdog, MoneySavingExpert, my blog and others, I cannot imagine that it is a good business strategy to use the same tactics as those used by the known disreputable companies.

Hi Mary,

We far from use the "same tactics" as any of these companies. We would never try to "frighten" anybody "with inaccurate stories". Our call centre staff do not even quote crime figures on the phone. We are offering a perfectly legitimate service in a perfectly legitimate way.

I would like to ask you to visit our offices in Manchester to see for yourself how we do business. Whilst here you can happily listen to our marketing department and call some of our customers yourself to see what kind of experience they have had. We are looking for longevity with this business which is why we never install a system until we have called the client a few days after agreeing to go ahead to ensure they are happy with what was agreed. As mentioned above our monitoring station is NSI NACOSS approved and our engineering/technical department is second to none. All of our marketing data is TPS screened and we send letters before making any calls letting people know who we are and that we may be calling.

As mentioned above we have even offered to honour all IDS contracts at a substantial cost to ourselves as we feel that is the right thing to do.

I would like to request that you remove the following inaccuracy's from this blog:

“Whilst there is one listed director I understand that Jon Rigby will be running the company”
Submitted by Caretaker (not verified) on Saturday, September 28, 2013

This is categorically not true. Mr Rigby has no involvement whatsoever with UDS Solutions.

“Despite only starting a few days ago they are claiming to be the "UK’s leading providers of high grade home security systems"
Submitted by Caretaker (not verified) on Thursday, October 24, 2013

The website claims to be “ONE OF the UK’s leading providers” which after acquiring IDS clients and building a customer base ourselves we are.

"UDSS are breaking the law by claiming to have the NSI Gold certificate."
Submitted by Caretaker (not verified) on Sunday, October 27, 2013.

We are not NSI NACOSS accredited and we do not claim to be. We make clear that the monitoring station we use is NSI NACOSS approved which it is.


Matt Jackson

Mr Jackson
What is your experience in home security? I am asking as your website claims:
“We take pride in our management team that has a combined 30+ years of experience both in home security and crime reduction sectors.”

Now Mr Rastegar is 27 years old, so how do you derive 30 years?

Hi Anonymous,

Our management team consists of 5 people. Backgrounds vary from working in home security (such as myself) to working within the Metropolitan Police. Combined we have 33 years experiance in these sectors.

Thank you for your question.


Matt Jackson

The NSI (National Security Inspectorate) have put United Defence Security Solutions on their Wall of Shame – see the link


Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment and for bringing this to my attention.

I would like to make it clear to both readers of this blog and the NSI that we have never claimed to be NSI approved because we simply are not. A quick scroll up on this blog will show a similar response.

With the monitoring station that we use to provide our service being NSI NACOSS Gold, we feel that if we to were to apply it would inevitably increase our customers costs with no real benefit to them.

Whenever we reference NSI on our website/literature we make it clear that "The monitoring station that we use to provide our 24 hour cover is...." which is entirely true. I'm not sure how or why this is proving to be such an issue however I have taken steps both on the website and in our brochure to avoid this confusion in the future.

Let me make it 100% clear:


Many thanks again for your comment.


Matt Jackson

I would also like to make it clear that the reasons for UDS being on the "wall of shame" are purely for mentioning NSI on our website and literature. It has no relation to the system or service we provide.

We have now addressed the issue to make it even more clear that the third party monitoring station that we use to provide our service is NSI NACOSS Gold approved.


Matt Jackson

Hi Anonymous,

Following on from your comment on Friday I have been in continued contact with the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) through out the day.

It has transpired that UDS Solutions were only adddd to the 'wall of shame' due to a very small mistake in the wording we used. This has now been rectified to the NSI's full satisfaction and we have been removed from their 'wall of shame'.

I would like to thank you again for your comment and for bringing this to my attention so I could deal with it in a prompt and efficient manor.


Matt Jackson

Please note that I have removed a number of comments from this thread that were posted in the last couple of months.

How interesting - I've recently had a phone call from United Defence Security myself. The caller said he was involved in a campaign against crime in my postcode area.

I asked whether it was a political campaign or a marketing campaign, and he agreed it was the latter.

I asked how UDS had got my postcode and phone number (I didn't mention that we have TPS so he should not have called me in the first place). He said he didn't know but that it was in a 'national database'.

He told me that there were concerns about burglary rates in the area (quoting my postcode) and I asked him where he got the figures from. He said the police crime data website, but oddly couldn't get on to it while we were speaking. He agreed that he didn't actually know what the crime rates were for my area. I've just checked on the police.uk crime map and there was just one case of burglary in the ward where I live (which has 3,500 homes) in December, the last month reported.

He then chatted about the traditional house alarms, which he said the police ignore. As a special arrangement during this campaign they would fit a security system for free. So I asked about the monitoring costs. He said he didn't know. In any case there were ten different packages and the cost would depend on how much I was likely to use it. A rep would have to call to demonstrate the system and assess my need.

I said that I always did my research online before buying anything substantial so would I be able to see the packages on the UDS website? Apparently not, I would have to have the demo first. I ended the call by saying that I liked to compare costs online with other companies so I would not be doing business with them.

In view of the substantial correspondence I have had with UDS over the last few months I am very surprised, and disappointed, to learn for myself that they are:
a. making cold calls to TPS registered phone numbers
b. giving the same line as previous companies about burglary rates in my area
c. refusing to give any idea of the monitoring costs over the phone or online

In other words, the sales tactics are no different from those used by 'Crime Prevention UK' that I reported three years ago.

Now it may well be the case that UDS is trying to carry out its business ethically. And indeed there is clearly a market for comprehensive monitoring systems, which undoubtedly have to be tailored to the individual needs of customers. But I really don't think they are doing themselves any service by using the same tactics as a number of discredited companies in the past.

UDS have told me that they always inform the local police before they start working in the area, so I have contacted my local Safer Neighbourhood team to ask whether they have been in touch.

I have heard back from my local police team. They say they "have not been contacted or made aware by email of any UDS marketing schemes / campaigns" in the ward.

They also add this message:
"We are very keen to ensure these people when calling on residents on our Ward, do not misinform residents about their 'so called' workings with police. And would be very interested in receiving up to date information about where they are door knocking on our Ward. Residents can make us aware by calling us on the 02087212001 number or if we are not on duty, the 101 number. Where and when possible we would be happy to speak with these door to door salespersons."

I have pointed out that UDS are not cold calling at the door, but phoning first to arrange for a sales rep to call.

That police phone number should only be used by people in the KT9 area.

Mrs Reid,

I have just read through your comment and subsequently listened to the recording of the call that was placed earlier today. You were contacted at 1348hrs by one of our telephone agents. Reading through your comment I am struggling to understand what the issue was. The agent made it clear he was calling from UDS working on our promotional campaign in the area. As you mention in your comment you even asked if it was a political or marketing campaign and he made clear it was the latter.

As with any telesales company; questions relating to where we get our data are unfortunately very difficult to answer. We use various data supply companies depending on the promotion we are running at any given time. It is almost impossible to pin point exactly where the records come from at your end (ie car insurance quotes ect). We look into every company we use for data supply to ensure they get records from a legal and organic source. We should not have received your details being on the TPS and this is something I will be contacting our data supply company about. The agent you spoke to is relatively new at the company and did not know that he can ask his manager to find the source of data which we will relay to the client within 21 days. This training issue has now been resolved.

I don't think the agent used the word "concerns" however he did make you aware that our campaign was in the area - in part - due to crime figures. Your disingenuous comment relating top this shows how easily crime figures can almost be manipulated. When i enter your postcode on the Police.uk website it shows the most recent figures published were in fact January of this year. Within a mile radius of your postcode in January 2014 the official Police.uk site show there were 15 burglaries. Even when reducing the radius to the "Chessington North" shows 6 burglaries in January 2014. In fact within the "Chessington North" (as you describe above) there were 29 burglaries in the last 6 months of recorded figures. If - as you say - there are 3,500 homes in this ward this means that every 6 months almost one in every 120 homes is being burgled. The figures are even worse within a mile radius of your home showing 66 burglaries in the same period. Again the operator you spoke to informed you he was having issues loading the figures and simply did not know the exact amount. I'm sure you would agree that this is much better than guessing or simply lying as with "Crime Prevention UK".

We don't advertise any prices on our website as all of our systems are tailored to each client. As the agent made you aware the cost also depends on what the possibility of an activation would be. Our system can incorporate medical, smoke, fire, panic, CCTV, mobile wristwatch and many other options. It would be impossible for us to assess the property and needs over the phone. We would therefore be guessing the price we quote and have often found this works heavily against us.

"In other words, the sales tactics are no different from those used by 'Crime Prevention UK' that I reported three years ago." - This comment is actually quite offensive as well as quite slanderous. Our adviser quoted no incorrect information and he made clear he was calling from UDS.

With relation to the police we always call them and make them aware when we will be operating in an area. We have a CRN/URN reference number from them to confirm our call relating the KT area. Unfortunately - on the side of the police - this information often does not get passed to all departments however there is not to much we can do to combat this. We will be contacting the police regarding the quote from them above. It is also worth mentioning that their comment states "receiving up to date information about where they are door knocking on our Ward" which clearly shows they are mistaken in who we are. As you have pointed out we have never "door knocked" in the ward or in any other area.

Your comment keeps stating that we use the same tactics as other companies however I struggle to see exactly what you mean by this. Other than both using the telephone to contact potential clients we operate in no way like these discredited companies. It seems to me that your issue is not with our company but with the telemarketing industry in general.

I think you need to understand that:

A. Having worked in home security for over 8 years my experience has shown that not everyone knows about monitored alarms or options available for home security which means they will not organically be searching for it online. I have found that most people won't search the internet for home security until after a break in or incident. It only takes one fire or one medical emergency for it to be too late. I'm sure you will agree that a pro-active approach in this instance can be much more beneficial for not only UDS but also our clients. One of our customers had a fall at home a couple of weeks ago. Our system alerted the police and ambulance service who made their way to the property. The woman was taken to hospital and has now made a full recovery. This client has since made us aware that had she not received our phone call she never would have considered any system for her home.

B. It is not feasible for many companies to sit around waiting for people to call and a lot of companies are unable to compete with the marketing budgets of larger organisations. Our system is much more comprehensive and complete than our main national competitor however their marketing budget vastly outweighs ours and without telemarketing it would be very difficult to compete. The other option would be to charge our customers much more (as our competitors do) to allow for a better advertising budget. We however feel it is not fair to ask clients to pay extra so we can advertise.

We have made you aware what our goals and aims are moving forward and you know how much of a hindrance your comment will be. Do you feel it is fair on our existing happy customers to be reading things like this? Again I would like to stress that our "client happiness rating" is well over 98%!

Mrs Reid we have sent you everything we possibly can to show you we are a legitimate business and trying to do things in the correct manor. We have told you about talks with trading standards and actually had a trading standards officer in the office last week. Telemarketing is a legal and recognized technique to grow a business. Other than the TPS (which as i say i will be investigating) I can't really see what issue you have.


Matthew Jackson
National Operations Manager - UDS Solutions

I ;have also received a call and I am in IG8. Just a lady ringing to see if I was the homeowner and I would be rung again to see if I was eligible for a free alarm system. I range 1471 and and the number was witheld, surprise,surprise. Now if I see Private Number come on the phone I just ignore it.

Yes, they are at it again! I have now received several calls, each stating that their team is in the area and happy to talk to me about security systems. I got so exasperated that in the end I told them that I have a secure system in my house, that had been installed by the Metropolitan Police and goes straight through to the local police station - which is actually true. He put the phone down very quickly!

It's been very quiet on this forum recently?

UDS has changed name to Clear Comm Security http://www.udssolutions.co.uk/ I wonder why that is?

Also Nima Rastegar has launched a new company UDS Protect www.udsprotect.co.uk

Interesting reading. I have today visited my 92 year old uncle and somehow triggered his burgler alarm, despite continual passage of carers, nurses etc over the last 18 months this has not happened before. In trying to find a way of stopping it (he can no longer recall the code) I discovered some very fancy paperwork from "Group 1 Security". A contract initiated by "Nima Rastegar" for a "Lifetime Platinum Package" in 2011 which cost him over £4000 for a small bungalow. I phoned the help line, 0845 652 1 999, the last three numbers in red, presumably to add to the "authenticity". There is of course no such number. It seems he has been well and truly scammed. He even has a personal alarm, made to look like a wrist watch. It is disgraceful how these fly by night companies fleece vulnerable people and get away with constant self re-invention under new trading names. I would warn anybody not to get involved with any of those who were responsible for "Group 1 Security".

Hi have been reading your blog. We were contacted by phone by CLEARCOMM SECURITY. We live in Kent Da16 area. So many similarities , plus Mr Rastegar as Director. Anyone heard of this cmpany before?

Sincere apologies to readers of this blog for the absence of comments since February. Something seems to have gone wrong with my system and I have only just become aware of a number of comments waiting for approval. I have now published all those comments I feel able to - ie those that won't land me in legal trouble.


To be honest it is quite exhausting replying to comments on this site. Let me make it 100% crystal clear for everybody to see:


Submitted by Pauline Short (not verified) on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.
I ;have also received a call and I am in IG8. Just a lady ringing to see if I was the homeowner and I would be rung again to see if I was eligible for a free alarm system. I range 1471 and and the number was witheld, surprise,surprise. Now if I see Private Number come on the phone I just ignore it.


Submitted by Soozey (not verified) on Friday, April 4, 2014.
Yes, they are at it again! I have now received several calls, each stating that their team is in the area and happy to talk to me about security systems. I got so exasperated that in the end I told them that I have a secure system in my house, that had been installed by the Metropolitan Police and goes straight through to the local police station - which is actually true. He put the phone down very quickly!


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.
It's been very quiet on this forum recently?

UDS has changed name to Clear Comm Security http://www.udssolutions.co.uk/ I wonder why that is?

Also Nima Rastegar has launched a new company UDS Protect www.udsprotect.co.uk


Submitted by CliveF (not verified) on Wednesday, April 16, 2014.
Interesting reading. I have today visited my 92 year old uncle and somehow triggered his burgler alarm, despite continual passage of carers, nurses etc over the last 18 months this has not happened before. In trying to find a way of stopping it (he can no longer recall the code) I discovered some very fancy paperwork from "Group 1 Security". A contract initiated by "Nima Rastegar" for a "Lifetime Platinum Package" in 2011 which cost him over £4000 for a small bungalow. I phoned the help line, 0845 652 1 999, the last three numbers in red, presumably to add to the "authenticity". There is of course no such number. It seems he has been well and truly scammed. He even has a personal alarm, made to look like a wrist watch. It is disgraceful how these fly by night companies fleece vulnerable people and get away with constant self re-invention under new trading names. I would warn anybody not to get involved with any of those who were responsible for "Group 1 Security".


Submitted by Carolyn J (not verified) on Monday, June 2, 2014.
Hi have been reading your blog. We were contacted by phone by CLEARCOMM SECURITY. We live in Kent Da16 area. So many similarities , plus Mr Rastegar as Director. Anyone heard of this cmpany before?


Matthew Jackson
Operations Manager

Mr Jackson

To make it 100% clear... It is against the law to cold telephone call consumers who are on the TPS list.

The law is stated here on Ofcom's website:

Therefore the onus is on the company making the telemarketing call and not the 3rd party who supplies the data to them,

My elderly parents are on the TPS but 18 months ago they received a telemarketing cold call from IDS which resulted in a distressing home visit from Doug Smith. Many posters on this board including Mary state they are on the TPS but still receive calls. When my parents informed me a quick google search found Mary's blog which I have been reading since.

p.s. as you find it exhausting replying to comments I suggest you don't bother as I doubt anyone is really interested to hear what you have to say, especially since the your previous company IDS was exposed on BBC Watchdog you have no credibility.


You reference a call from a year and a half ago. If you ask Mary nicely she may let you see the nominee agreement we sent her showing that Mr Rastegar was a nominee director at IDS and the company was run by a Mr Jon Rigby and a Mr Ana Gunesekera. They were responsible for purchasing and cleansing data. Thank you for your suggestion, may i suggest that in future you read the whole blog before commenting and ensure all of your facts are correct.

Obviously just like any sales company we very rarely call people on the TPS however, in the event of this occurring we would immediately apologise and remove the details. We do not call from withheld numbers so if a client wants to report us to the TPS they can and we are happy to liaise with them to ensure that client is not called again. We have not had a single complaint from the TPS for over a year.

Mary, I would request that TopBoys comment be removed as he states "your previous company" when in fact IDS had nothing to do with myself and even Mr Rastegar was only a nominee director (as you know).

With relation to the BBC Watchdog programme you incorrectly referenced, again ask Mary and she may let you see the full response and evidences we provided to the BBC. You must be one of those people "it was on TV it must be true". Lest we forget that Jimmy Saville worked for this company for years and years and was never exposed as the predator he was. Rogue Traders themselves even employed a benefit cheat for a period.

We have over 350 active clients (including IDS customers). Would you mind providing me with your telephone number and I will happily send out a letter asking every one of them to give you a call and let you know how their experience was with the company. Every client we have spoken to has actually ridiculed the show and had no idea what the issue was, you know considering that we have saved lives on more than one occasion with our systems.

I would love not to have to comment on here anymore however uneducated people such as yourself continue to jeopardise our clients service so I have no choice but to ensure people know the truth. I am quite certain that readers of this blog are more interested in what I have to say over somebody like yourself with little to no common sense.

I look forward to your response "TopBoy".

Matthew Jackson

PS: Why you feel the need to use a pseudonym? If you have a genuine point to make why not do so using your real name?

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