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Diary of a Games volunteer - only one day left

I have had a welcome day off, and have spent it resting and catching up on emails. Tomorrow I'm back at ExCel for a more civilised 8am start to my final day as a Gamesmaker.

This week I worked four consecutive 11 hour days, clocking in each morning at 5.45am. Some of my colleagues were leaving home before 4am in order to be there on time, but I was able to saunter over in 5 minutes from my hotel. I was even more pleased that I didn't have a long journey back at the end of the day.

Which brings me to my shoes. All Gamesmakers were issued with distinctive grey Adidas trainers and I have to say that they have been very comfortable. My feet have not ached at all even though I have been on my feet all day. That may explain why Gamesmaker trainers are going for up to £150 on eBay.

Even though my feet have survived well, I have discovered a new ailment. I developed a hot red rash above my ankles after my first shift last week, and it has gradually spread up towards my knees. I've had something similar before on holiday, and always thought it was caused by exposure to the sun. But this time the rash was under my uniform trousers. So I went along to the medical centre and the nurse told me I had the most extensive example of 'walkers legs' (aka golfer's vasculitis) that she had ever seen! Walking in the heat can bring it on, but medics don't really know what causes it. The good news is that, although uncomfortable, it is nothing to worry about.

And I really am on my feet all day, apart from about 20 minutes when I manage to sit down to eat my lunch. ExCel is so large that it can take 15 minutes just to walk to the workforce area to grab some food.

Talking of food, there is another baffling trend on eBay - Gamesmaker meal vouchers. The vouchers are dated, so are unusable, but they are going for £4.99. 

I have taken on a variety of tasks so far this week. I spent one unexpectedly sunny day outside near the entrance. Two of my team shared the fun of using a megaphone to welcome people from one of those high chairs, while others offered high fives to all the children. Fortunately I was able to rotate the meet and greet team in the sunshine with the ticket checkers who had the privilege of a shady umbrella.

London 2012 are now selling off redundant furniture and equipment on the Remains of the Games website. You can pay 12p for a clothes hangers or £199 for one of those high chairs. I'd love to get one but I'm not quite sure what I would do with it.

Did you know that you can also bid for memorabilia from the Games on an official site as well? An Olympic torch signed by Bradley Wiggins has just gone for £13,000.

Before you ask, I don't intend to sell off, or give away, any of my Gamesmaker kit, including the badges I've already received and the baton that I will be given on my last shift. I will definitely wear the trainers again, and maybe get the umbrella out, as it hasn't been needed so far. The rest will  provide me with memories of a very special time in my life.




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