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Diary of a Games volunteer - ready to go

I've had my final training session. I've shortened my uniform trousers. I've got my final shifts. And I'm ready to go.

It's almost two years since I first heard that they were looking for volunteers for the Games. After such a long lead time, the final few days seem to be going past very rapidly. I am so looking forward to finally getting started.

So if you are planning to get along to the Paralympics at ExCel do look out for me and say hello. I'm based in different areas throughout the period, so I can't really tell you where to find me on any particular day. 

My role is as an Event Services Team Leader, which tells you two things. First, I will be around in the spectator areas dealing with the public, not hidden away in back of house. And second, I will be carrying my badge of office - a blue clipboard.

There are still some tickets available, and more are being added during the Games. (You do have to book tickets in advance - there are none on sale at the door).

The ExCel day pass is really good value. It's only £10 (or £5 for concessions) and admits you to any events that are going on throughout the whole day. The only problem is that they can't absolutely guarantee you a seat, especially for finals, but you will be told where the spaces are so you don't have to queue. It's a great opportunity to watch some less well-known sports, like boccia, and to see just how amazing these athletes are.




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