November 2011

Roger Hayes - our local hero

An article by Mark Pack on Liberal Democrat Voice has sent me back to my blog again. Mark does an occasional series on local liberal heroes and yesterday he wrote a delightful piece about our own Roger Hayes.

If you don't know Roger then I should start by mentioning that he was the agent behind the Lib Dems recent victory in Surbiton Hill, our success in the local elections in 2010, and the re-election of Edward Davey to Parliament, and ... (the list could go back some way). He has also been Leader of Kingston Council, councillor and Parliamentary candidate.

Mark writes:

"Roger Hayes is an unusual sort of dedicated community campaigner in Liberal Democrat ranks. Whilst he is certainly devoted to the communities he has stood to represent, rather than spending long periods of time in just the one area he has been a councillor in four different wards, three in Kingston and one in the Isle of Wight. He has also, by his own choice, been an on and off councillor, with three separate stretches as a councillor, each time standing down of his own volition."

Read the rest of the article here.

Well deserved, Roger!

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