August 2010

Garrison Lane no-go area

Some really major work is starting in Garrison Lane today. The whole road has to be reconstructed - not just a tarmac resurfacing but a full rebuild of the road's foundation.

This is going to cause some problems because it is a bus route. But then the problems have been partly caused by the buses anyway.

The best advice is to avoid the area if you can, but if not to read the information on traffic diversions etc on the Council website.

Summer break

I should have mentioned earlier that I am taking my usual break from blogging over August. Back in September!

Chessington Live goes live

I did say I was taking a break from blogging over August, but have come out of hiding to say something about Chessington Live.

This is a really interesting initiative of David Lindsell, a reporter with the Surrey Comet. Have a look around the site. There is a lot of local news and views, as you would expect from a community website.

But it goes further than that, because if you log in you can then leave comments or post an article. The idea is to encourage conversations about local issues - a micro version of the (national) Guardian's Comment is Free section. It's early days, but people have started writing posts and commenting on others.

Spread the word!

Stuart and Gwyneth's wedding

It's been a very special summer for us. Our older son Stuart was married on 21st August to Gwyneth McBride in Carnmoney Church, Belfast.

Both are professional musicians, as are most of their friends, so we began with half an hour of glorious music from a nine piece string ensemble (a nonet?). They were then joined by a band and singers during the service itself. Stu surprised Gwyn just as they were about to march down the aisle by singing 'Can't take my eyes off you' in a version that he had recorded earlier, and we all joined in 'I love you baby'. Aaah....

They held the reception in the stunning setting of Belfast Castle - and the weather was very kind to us, so we started off enjoying the beautiful grounds, playing arcane garden games like boules and croquet, and listening to a string quartet.

It didn't rain until we were all inside enjoying the meal, and then we were rewarded by a beautiful rainbow over Belfast. Finally, a scratch band made up of friends and relations gave us a great ceilidh through the evening.

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